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Saturday, July 9, 2011

: WANTED : bikers! :

this is true.
for the past couple weeks now, i have been throwing around the idea of a new blog feature.

what : Cycle Stories!
*a regular blog feature interviewing bikers, checking out their cool rides and hearing fun stories*

why: because i cant possibly be the only one that totally loves bikes ;)

who : YOU! really. i want to hear from EVERYBODY that has a bike. friends. family. blog lurkers. followers. commuters. casual riders. all shapes. all sizes. all speeds. all abilities. all bikes. all cities. [see? everybody!]

when : now! i have big plans for this blog, and i would love to start putting together fun features as soon as you contact me!

where : the stories will all be here. hopefully weekly, or bi-weekly. there are so many places that i havent biked, i want to hear about all the rad places to ride!

how : [easy] send me an email! take.a.picture[at]live[dot]com. or leave me a comment.
just say : diana, i think you are really cool. i have a bike. i want to tell you about it..

dont bike, but have a friend that does? pass this along.
also, i know that biking might not be your thing, but its a huge part of my life, and i really want to show readers that biking really is for every body.