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Thursday, July 7, 2011

: time out! :

did you hear the good news?!
i hit 100 sales on etsy.
[woo hoooo]
[if you, in the past 10 months, have bought something, said something nice, told someone about me or just sent good vibes, then, well, thanks!]

my little blog has been growing most days. i get emails all the time from people saying nice things. i get packages and letters in the mail from people asking how i am. i sell things so i can pay my bills and live my dream.

i really, really do appreciate it. and all of you.

i took a little break yesterday.
i have been working really hard these past few weeks. essentially working two jobs [one part-time, and one full-time]. i feel like i am always on 'super-turbo' mode and can feel that my body [and my brain] are asking me to turn off my jet engine. 

i have big things in the works.
*[do you know this site?][more on that soon, but mark your calendars for july 15th because i will be selling something super sweet for super cheap! [*cough*bow ties*cough*]
*i have some work going into a few of my favorite stores [here in the cities AND in portland!!]
*i have a big giveaway coming up to celebrate all of you
*and ya know, more stuff ;)

at the end of this month, we are heading to kansas city, mo for some vegan food and a baseball game. anybody have any friends, contacts, good camping spots or things we need to see/eat while we are there?! id love to hear them!

have a good day!