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Friday, July 8, 2011

: wanna see whats in our csa box? : week 3 :

oh my goodness.
sweet haul this week.

in the veggie box :
sugar snap peas. chives. green top baby beets. cucumber! red russian kale. dill leaf. green garlic. baby bok choi. and red oak lettuce.
i know its hard to see each veggie in the photo, but man, there is a lot of green in our box!

in the fruit box : 
[if you 'real-life' know me, you know that i can eat massive amounts of fruits without even thinking. i love fruit.]
grapes. blueberries. nectarines. oranges and PLUOTS! [do you know about pluots?!?! they are a hybrid of a plum and an apricot. i dont like plums OR apricots, but i can eat pluots like its my job. small. juicy. and so sweet!]

and are you wondering where my friday diy is?
[haha, so am i]
[honestly, i havent gotten it done yet ; hopefully, soon]

also, i bought THE SWEETEST fabric today!
really, its so great.
new bags and new bow ties coming soon!

what are you doing this weekend?