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Sunday, July 10, 2011

: my weekend in photos :and i want to hear from you if you RIDE A BIKE! :

tomorrow, i am meeting my FIRST EVER blog friend in real life.
are you so curious?!
[youll just have to wait!]

this weekend was good.
so chill.
which NEVER happens!

here are a few photos!

 rest stop.

 snack from home = fresh snap peas.
 fox on a bike.
 cake in a cup! more on this tomorrow!
i worked on a project for 10 hours today. mostly sewing. yikes.

also, did you read this post?
i am looking for people with bikes. any bike. any distance. any story.
i love biking and i really want share that even if you dont want to read about it ;)
leave me a comment OR send me an email.
[and for the emails and comments from yesterday ; thanks! ; youll hear from me soon!]

thanks for reading!
i think you are all pretty cool ;)