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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

: looking for september sponsors! :

hey everybody!
quick post.

i am looking for september sponsors!
a year ago, i only had 15 followers, and most of my views came from myself!
this blog [and my business!] have really grown in a years time.

this time last year, i couldnt knit very well. had just come back from haiti. no idea how to sew. had no concept that i would start a business and where i would go with it.

i know that i am still a 'baby-blog' and am slowly learning a lot of things, but i feel so very proud of this past year.

september is going to be a great month over here on the blog.
i have some great guest posts happening. a new feature that means so much to my heart. a couple great giveaways. AND i am hoping [fingers-crossed // still in the works] to be partnering with an organization that is incredible.

what does all of this mean?
it means that i now have three sizes for sponsors.
ALL money [i mean it ; every.penny!] brought in will go into sponsoring other blogs!
bringing more sponsors here means making this blog more creative AND more inspiring!
[we all win]

check out the sponsorship page here and get in contact.

and for everybody else ; thanks so stinkin' much for making this a great place for me!