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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

: wanna see whats in our csa box? : week 7 :


last friday, we were on the road, so we had friends pick up our csa box.
this box = the best so far!

in our veggie box : 
we have : garlic. peppers. carrots. basil. tomatoes. cucumbers. beets. onions. tiny tomatoes. broccoli. zucchini. [ps : there are probably 10 more tomatoes that wouldnt fit in the photo!]

in our fruit box : 
peaches! 25 of them!!!! holy stone-fruit. they are amazing. and i am on the lookout for a great veg cobbler.

what are you eating?!
[also, 74 more twitter followers by the end of august = a sweet giveaway]