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Sunday, September 4, 2011

: the cutest make-up bag review :

you know tara , right?
and her shop?

did you know that i just taught myself to sew a couple of months ago?
well, i did.

i love lurking peoples shops for super-quality handmade sewn goodness.
love checking all the seams and the thread and just taking it all in.

last month, i connected with tara [i live in minneapolis and she lives in a suburb! cool, right?] and we decided to swap handmade goodies.

i picked a pattern and *whoosh* into my mailbox came the.cutest[!] makeup bag.

a couple weeks ago, when we were camping in chicago, i took the bag along.
i had so many things to put in the bag!

this bag is great.
love the handle.
and its a great size.
is sooo well made and the inside is waterproof and wipeable!

 so cute ; thanks tara!
go check out her goodies.