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Friday, September 16, 2011

: insta-friday week 3 :

oh, hey.
have you been doing this feature?
i wish you would!
or at least click over and read some of the posts from some really great bloggers.

this week has been stressful! [i dont ever want to sound ungrateful in my life, because i know how blessed i am] these past few days have really been an overwhelming struggle for me.
[you know its bad when i call my grandma and cry for an hour. then my mother for another hour. then blake]

anyways, this is what my week looked like :

 50 mile bike ride on sunday

 won this fun book + $25 in fabric from beebolt from this link party!

told you i it was rough.

 i made lottery tickets for my heartsy deal. used this tutorial.

 creativity = the messiest house in minnesota! there isnt an inch of our place that hasnt been affected by my creating this week!

craft room disaster!

i am linking up here!
life rearranged

thanks for reading!
heres to a better weekend!