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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

: guest post diy project from victoria of one crafty mama! :

woo hoo!
i have such a fun project to share today.
did you know that i have an early childhood teaching degree?
i do ; and i have worked with kids with 10 years.
[i have a special place in my heart for toddler/preschool homemade projects]

take it away, victoria :

Hey There! 

I'm Victoria from One. Crafty. Momma. I blog about all kinds of things... my awesome toddler, my pretty sweet Muffin, arts and crafts, lots of super cool and easy toddler projects, and sometimes about me! :) Yep, I think that about sums it up! 

Like many of you, Pinterest has become such a great inspiration in my crafting lately! You can follow my boards HERE. Anywho, a few weeks ago, Diana pinned this totally awesome Gas Pump on one of her boards and I immediately knew I had to make it! My little one is completely obsessed with "filling up" at the tank lately!

So, without further ado, here is what Diana pinned : 

You can find the original instructions here. However, since I just used it as inspiration, I took a little creative liberties with it! 

I took two boxes, the same size, and covered them in Kraft Paper (you can use wrapping paper if you want). Then hot glued them together.  I made the cut outs with my Cricut, and used stickers for the buttons. Then I laminated everything. And hot glued it all in place. I felt like this would make it much more durable. He is 3 after all!

For the "pump", I attached some tubing (Lowe's. 22 cents a foot) to an old handle from a cleaning bottle. (I washed it thoroughly!!!) I hot glued some velcro to the side of the pump, and a small piece to the actual "pump" so it stuck. The small circle is a baby food cap, with a laminated circle on it. I hot glued the other side of the tubing to it.

He's pretty happy with it! Haha! It has been played with A LOT! :)  The only thing I would change is maybe to put a sand bag in the bottom of it, or some kind of weight.

Thanks for having me Diana!! I love your blog, and I'm really honored to be guest posting over here!! 

Be sure to check back with my blog! I am about to open my etsy shop, and plan on having lots of fun over there in the coming weeks! 

yay! thanks girl ; looks so great.