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Sunday, September 11, 2011

: NEW FEATURE! : cycle stories : week 1 :

happy sunday, everybody!
as you are reading this, blake and i are on a 50+ mile bike ride around st paul!
[wish us luck!]

so, if you have been here for a while, you know that blake and i love riding.
we ride to work. to the library. to the farmers markets. around the city. and we take long, weekend rides.

a while back i was thinking 'how i can bring biking to more folks?'

so, cycle stories was born! 
every two weeks [weekly?], i will be sharing someone, somewhere in the universe that rides a bike.
because i believe in biking.
i think its an incredible way to see your surroundings.
its great for every body.
it saves the planet [and your heart, annnd your butt!]
and its fun ;)

you can bike anywhere.
in ballet flats. or spandex. you can go 23203809 miles an hour [thats really fast]. or take it slow.

i want you to read these stories and think a) thats so cool and b) i should really get back on my bike.

are you ready for week 1?!?!?

its my grandma!!!!
[so fun, right?!?]

[she drew this for us!]

1) Who are you? 
*my name is grandma LaVonne  and i have the best granddaughter in the universe

2) Where do you bike? [city, state] Is it bike friendly? Are their trails, bike lanes, ect? How often do you ride? Where do you go?*i live in a small town in northwest iowa [1,500 people] and i think my town is pretty safe ; there are no trails OR bike lanes, but the community is really aware of bikers. a lot of people both bike and drive.
i ride a couple times a week. i ride to the library across town [its uphill ;)] and around the outside of town ; towards the country.

3) What tips do you have for bikers? Where did you get your bike? Do you love it?*my number one tip ; BE SAFE! know the biking signals and USE them!
i bought my bike 25+ years ago at the local hardware store. it was the first bike i ever owned in my whole life [i grew up with two older brothers and always had to use theirs!]

i do love my bike ; its wonderful to be able to ride! theres just something about riding a bike... ;)

4) Anything else fun to share? 
* the first week i bought the bike, the kickstand got stuck, the biked tipped over and the seat got punctured! the little hole is still there today!

5) Show us a photo of you and your sweet ride. 

shes so great!

writing this up gave me goosebumps and tugged at my lil' heart.
i love my grandma so much. her and i are super close ; we talk all the time and share so much stuff.
last august, my grandpa passed away and it was so stinkin' hard.
the funeral was on my grandparents 60th anniversary ; and i think of him every day.
my grandparents [along with my mama] raised me, and ive gotta tell you; i feel so blessed to have a grandma that rides her bike and is so active!

thanks for reading all of this!
if you are interested in sharing your story, send me an email [take.a.picture [at]live[dot]com]