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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

: sponsor love : guest post for kadie : this is my job :

hey everybody!
today i have a guest post from my sponsor kadie!
she blogs here about her life in the north.
and she runs this shop full of poofy [!!] and cute tutus, along with pouches and headbands.

your turn, kadie!

Well hello! My name is Kadie, pleased to meet ya!
 I'm a shy girl from Alaska, though I grew up in California and Kansas. I love blogging. It's like I'm writting my own history! I also love sewing, crafting, photography, and a touch of fashion! So come and read about my crazy life.

One special thing I get to do everyday is serve families who have lost loved ones. Yep, I work at a funeral home and the hubs (Daniel) is a mortician.
I know you guys are thinking, "This girl is crazy! She works with dead people?!"
 Let me tell ya, it's got to be the most rewarding job EVER!
It's such a blessing to serve people in such a time of need.

When I was 15 I lost my brother. He was 16 days old. I never thought
life would go on. I thought I would have a hole in my heart
{william & Crystal}
I remember the funeral directors then being so kind and compassionate to my family
in our time of need. Working in a funeral home I often think about that
terrible time in my own life. I put myself
in these families shoes and know I have to do everything I can to make
their loss more bearable.

It is never easy to lose a loved one whether it is expected or not.
Knowing that I am there for these families, that if need be I can be a shoulder to cry on
lessens my burdens and helps me think of someone other than myself.
And that, my dears, is why I love my job.

Time has gone by and the hole in my heart is slowly being filled.
I like to think that for each person I have helped
they are filling that hole and making life more bearable for me.


thanks kadie!
i really do appreciate when people are able to open up and share something so personal and emotional.
go show her some support ; )

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