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Thursday, September 22, 2011

: sponsor love : interview with lauren from adventures in flip-flops :

happy thursday everybody!
[this month is flying by!]

today i have a fun interview from my sponsor lauren.
we are pen pals and shes so fun!
check out her bucket list ; LOVE when people make lists ;)

1) who are you/where can we find you/what do you do?

 Hi everyone! My name is Lauren and you can find me online at my blog, Adventures in Flip Flops or on Twitter. I love books, crafts, camp and the outdoors, and I love to cook! But, mostly, I love adventures (well, its really a toss up between books and adventures!)

Currently, I'm finishing up my thesis for my Masters Degree, looking for a camp to work at full-time, and trying to figure out where I can go on my next adventure!

2) where do you want to be [personally and professionally] in 1/3/5 years?
Oh man, what a question. I want a job that is satisfying and gives me flexibility. I love working with youth (my soon-to-be Masters Degree is in Youth Development). I want to have crossed a few things off my Bucket List. I want my blog to be prosperous. I want to have significantly paid down my student debt. I want to be at the point where I can afford to sponsor a child somewhere, and I want to have traveled to exotic many things!
3) tell us a few of your fave sites/blogs/places to find inspiration
 Aside from miss Diana, I always am at Gussy's ( blog! I also find a lot of inspiration at Get Rich Slowly, The Novice Chef , Curls and Coffee, and Emily Nagoksi (be warned: she is a sex educator, but you can't blame me: I'm currently finishing my thesis on sex!). They are all very different, but speak to many of my interests and the way I want to live my life. 

Aside from those, you can always find me in nature, in a coffee shop, or in a bookstore. I actually wrote a post about this here
4) what makes you smile?
Books. Coffee. Kids (nope, don't have any of those!). Roller coasters (or anything that gets my adrenaline going!). The ocean. Star Trek/Sci Fi. Good friends. Letters. Aggie football (whoop!). Small animals. Flowers. Rain. Stout or amber beer. My bike. Can you see how this could go on forever?
5) best advice you can give someone who wants to create a handmade life?
Do what you love. Don't try and change overnight. Don't try to compare yourself to others. I don't sew well yet (my seams are always crooked!) and I only knit in straight lines. I like to cook from scratch and everything else I buy from local artisans or places like Etsy. 
You might be the complete opposite, but how cool is it that we can all depend on each other to pick up where we're not talented or motivated?

thanks lauren!
arent those photos fun?!
[head over and support her blog!]

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[this little blog has really grown this month ; there have been THOUSANDS of brand new views!]