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Saturday, October 8, 2011

: cycle stories : week 2 : my super-cute man-friend! :

happy weekend!
week two of cycle stories comin' atcha!
new here?
what is cycle stories?
its a feature where i highlight someone, somewhere in the universe that rides a bike.
they could be fast. or slow. bike everyday. or once a week.
wear spandex or high heels.

this week?
my cute partner, blake.
take it away!

1) Who are you? 
My name is Blake Ward and I live in Minneapolis MN. 

Where do you bike? Is it bike friendly? Are their trails, bike lanes, ect? How often do you ride? Where do you go?
As a child, I can remember the feeling of ultimate freedom and endless possibilities as I rode my bicycle with my brothers and the neighborhood kids through the streets of my hometown.  As a child, my bicycle was my transport; it allowed my friends and I to navigate to each others houses, and our favorite neighborhood spots. Although in my teens and early twenties, I thought having a car was the best thing ever, as an adult I still feel that childhood sense of freedom each day when I hop on my bike and ride to work. I am lucky enough to live in one of the most bike friendly cities in America, Minneapolis MN, and I take full advantage of all this city has to offer for cycling.

We have an amazing trail system with hundreds of miles of dedicated bike trails, allowing me to go hours on my bike without ever having to ride with car traffic. I ride to commute to work, and to run errands around town, but it is also a great way for my partner Diana and I to spend time together. We both enjoy going on long weekend rides to city events, bike dates, and riding around exploring our wonderful city.

3) What tips do you have for bikers? Where did you get your bike? Do you love it?
I would say one of the best things about cycling is that anyone can do it, at any level. The bike I commuted with for several years cost me only a hundred dollars used. I have collected lots of gear and equipment over the years, buying one or two cycling items a year. I also look for really good deals, I’ve found cycling clothes at thrift stores and garage sales for a couple bucks instead of paying the hundreds of dollars they would be new. I would always advocate for having a good helmet and staying well lit above anything else. Good bike lights can be expensive, but not as expensive as hospital bills if you end up in an accident.


My current bike is a trek, purchased at Bike Gallery in Portland Oregon, and I love it! I would recommend Treks to anyone who is looking into a bike.

4) Anything else fun to share? 
Here is a run down of what I wear when I ride in the summer months…
 *Pearl Izumi cycling shoes
 *Old navy running socks
 *Moisture wicking shorts
 *Cycling jersey or moisture wicking running shirt
 *Timbuck2 cycling backpack

Show us a photo of you and your sweet ride. 


*thanks blake [you are cute!] if anybody has any questions on getting rid of your car and biking year round, email blake at ballenward [at] gmail [dot] com. blake hasnt had a car for years, and bikes year round. hes an incredible resource for biking, gear and info*

also, if you ride a bike and want to be featured, send me an email [take.a.picture[at]live[dot]com