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Friday, October 7, 2011

: insta-friday week 6 :

wooo hoo!
another friday ; another week in iphone photos.
[did you know its been in the 80s here in minneapolis all week?!?]

heres what my week looked like! :

 on sunday, blake surprised me with tickets to see hanson! yes, the hanson we listened to in 7th grade. it was so amazing. the 12 year-old in me was so pumped. before the show, they let fans vote on which album they would play all the way through and 'middle of nowhere' won. [did you love hanson when you were younger?!] if you havent listened to their new material, i would highly suggest it, they are incredibly talented.

 our leaves are still so beautiful. not much better in life than yellow trees and a fall breeze.

 another week full of walks/runs with the nanny-baby.

 i went to the dentist AND the eye doctor on the same day this week. why? because i cannot stand either of them and i wanted to get them over with. i got my eyes dilated [first time ever!] and i looked like a scary alien baby.

 sad day. his innovation will be missed. he changed the way this planet communicates. what an amazing thing to accomplish.

 new snack bars = not a fan, yet.

 i rode my bike every single day this week [yay!] and while waiting for blake, i just sat on the trail for an hour and enjoyed the sun and all the bikers cruising past.

did you know i only drink water? [no beer, coffee, pop, juice; none of it] BUT i will drink this soymilk when it comes out each fall. it tastes amazing.

what did your week look like?

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