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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

: i totally want to make that : week 21 : easy tree stump coasters! :

happy wednesday, everybody!
have you entered the giveaway, yet?
how about the holiday gift swap?

today, i have a really fun [and easy] diy that i found on elsies blog!
tree stump coasters! 
find her full tutorial here.

this month, blake and i have been tackling each and every drawer, closet and room in our apartment ;  cleaning everything. taking boxes of stuff to goodwill and hanging art that has been sitting in a pile for months and months.
this weekend we are attacking the kitchen and then!

i thought these coasters would be fun edition to our living room.

i had tons of vintage felt [thanks mom!] and just used a needle and some brown yarn.
it took me about an hour+ to do two coasters.

anything fun you are working on right now?
thanks for reading!