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Friday, October 28, 2011

: insta-friday week 9 : and my first 10K race! :

hey everybody!
another week ; another group of photos!

last weekend, blake and i ran a 10k! we had been planning on running the half-marathon ; but a few weeks ago, our IT bands were so tight and painful, we had to drop down to the 10k.
this was blakes first race ever! he did so great! we came in two minutes UNDER our goal time!

 it was in the low 40s when we started running. blake insisted in wearing his bright orange hat with a blog, floppy ball on top!

after we finished the race, we hung out at the finish line for an hour and a half. watching people of all ages and sizes crossing the finish line is so emotional and inspiring ; it is so great to see.

beautiful chilly fall day!

after the race, we helped my dad can 110 pounds of sauerkraut! i am not a fan of kraut at all, but hanging out with my dad for an afternoon is something that i have really grown to enjoy. my dad had the kraut fermenting in his garage in a giant tub for a few months ; it was something that blake had never seen before. [my family is pretty 'traditionally' german]

yikes! last week, i spent 6 hours [seriously!] cleaning the craft room ; top to bottom. it looks so, so great now!

 lots of time outside with the nanny-baby [who didnt cry AT ALL this week!]

 blake and i took advantage of punch pizzas $3 pizza nights! [honestly? i wasnt super impressed]

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what did you do this week?
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