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Sunday, October 30, 2011

: lets talk about KLOUT : do you have it? : how do you get more? : and great perks that come with it! :

thats a long title ; right?
remember a while back when i headed to chicago for the 20sb bloggers conference?
well, i got to listen to megan berry speak about klout.
at that point, i had never heard the word and had NO clue what it was, how you got it and if it was good.

[now, i am NOT an expert on klout ; if you want to know more and more [and more], i suggest you google it to learn more. klouts website has a lot of info, too.

what is klout? : 
klout is a reflection of your social media influence. its a score between 1 and 100.
its about the people you influence and the topics you talk about [and folks listen to!]
your true reach is based on the number of people you influence, both in your close network and their extended networks.
personally, the first couple months of using klout ; i was a bit confused.
i know its great to have a mid-level number [i am in the mid-40s] ; i check it once a week, but its not a huge deal.

they also have a program called klout perks.
depending on your number and the topics you influence folks on, you can be eligible for certain perks and prizes.

last month, i got a free pack of moo business cards. i have been experimenting with business cards for a really long time, and i love how moo cards look.

i know a lot of businesses use them ; they are skinny rectangle cards and you can use their designs, upload your own and you have the WHOLE backside to add as much info as you want.
i totally recommend them and always get compliments when i hand them out.
[disclaimer : i am a moo affiliate ; that means i get a small portion of all purchases made with my link]

i also got a free bottle of wine not too long ago.
one hope wine [do you know this company?!?] sent me a free bottle of wine. 50% of each bottles proceeds goes to charity. and when you buy the bottles, YOU choose the charity. cancer research. autism. saving the planet. supporting the troops. aids research. and supporting childrens hospitals.
the bottle we ordered helped with autism research.
cool, right? 
i dont drink, so our bottle is going to be a gift. head over and support them.

if you have any questions OR comments about klout ; please leave them in the comments!
thanks for reading ;)