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Saturday, October 29, 2011

: my favorite posts recap! : october blog sponsors :

its almost november!!
can you believe it?!
[i need to start making my 2012 goals pretty soon!]

i wanted to post my favorite posts from my small october sponsors.
[still looking to sponsor the blog in november?! check out rates and opportunities here]

allison showed off her engagement photos ; they are so cute! fun & classy!

sara showed her tutorial for homemade caterpillar sushi

anna made pumpkin waffles [we have TONS of pumpkin to use!]

liz shared her thoughts on finding balance [this is a great read is you are creating a handmade life!]

tara found a bunch of really great sewing patterns!

ashley has a bunch of really great vintage items in her shop.

meaghan posted a bunch of great fall outfits [i totally wish someone would take me shopping!]

and citlalli posted a great story and some amazing photos in honor of day of the dead.

have fun reading!