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Thursday, November 17, 2011

: housekeeping : lots of fun things happening alllll around! :

hey everybody!
happy thursday ; how are you doing?
having a good week?

right now, i have a bunch of stuff going on around the internet, and i wanted to share ;)

1) looking to do some holiday shopping?
[you are doing all of your shopping through small businesses, right?!]
through the holidays, i am featured on these two [cute!] holiday gift guides. 
one. two.

2) i have these three pairs [1,2,3] of :babypantz: up for auction right now.
auction ends this weekend. every penny made from these pantz will go directly to funding an international adoption. read more about the family's story here.
ps - :babypantz: are a rad gift for newborns, babes, toddlers, and even preschoolers and older kids to wear as finger-less gloves OR legwarmers under pants/skirts or dresses.
also, all bids are still pretty low [you can get all the pantz for cheaper than in my shop;)]

3) if you follow me on twitter, you have seen that i was one of the bloggers chosen to read [and giveaway a copy] of blake mycoskie's book about starting TOM's Shoes and following your dream.
so far, so inspired!

and i am LOVING this pair of vegan TOM's right now.

4) didja see that big RH button over on my sidebar? --------------------------------------->
what is it?!
its a [cool] website focusing on the trials and tribulations of being self-employed, becoming self-employed and all the stuff that comes with it. there are 12 of us that are posting for this great site. i am really excited to be a part of this. im looking forward to sharing more of the :dianapantz: story and to be inspired by all the other wonderful writers. go check it out!

5) and on my blog ; i am giving away this axe necklace ; ends on monday.

6) annnnnnnd, [last thing!] if you are looking for a space to advertise your blog or shop for december [hello, peak holiday/traffic times!!], check out my updated stats and sponsor info. i would love to have you join me on the blog!!

thats it!
thanks for coming back and reading my blog ; i appreciate all of you.