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Friday, November 18, 2011

: insta-friday week 11 :

happy friday!
good week? looking forward to the weekend?
[yes, and me too ;)]

lets talk about this week :

harry potter came out on friday ; we just HAD to buy it last weekend. i really do think this is one of the most incredible movies ever made. the effects and cinematography are amazing. and yes i do cry like its my job when these movies come on!

blake cut up a couple of pie pumpkins and roasted the seeds. such a great snack.

what else do you use pie pumpkins for? vegan pumpkin cheesecake!! [look for that recipe soon ;)]

on wednesday, it was 'give to the max day' throughout minnesota. 3,000+ non-profits took donations for their amazing causes. minnesotans gave 13.5 MILLION dollars in 24 hours ; makes my heart so proud of my state. b&i gave our money to NINE great causes. AND we walked over to punch pizza, donated food to the food shelf and got free pizzas in return. this [bad] photo is how packed the pizza place was.

i was lucky enough to be selected as one of the 'bloggers for books' from toms shoes. i received TWO copies of blake mycoskie's book. one to keep and read [i am loving it so far] and the second to giveaway. contest soon ;)

FINALLY hung up some more art around the house [still have 6 pieces left to hang!] snowy bike photo from this great shop. minneapolis skyline print found here and top piece was drawn for us by my grandma!

more art. be awesome print [diy coming soon]. polaroid pictures. long haul print made by the cute allison. green yardstick diy here. pink tape print found here.

i had a $10 credit to left lane sports from my klout perks so i bought this robins egg blue bern bike helmet for blake. [rad gift, right?]

im linking up here [always ;)]
life rearranged

thanks for reading & have a great weekend ;)