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Sunday, November 13, 2011

: how to get the most out of your creativity : guest post :

woo hoo!
today i am needle felting for the first time! [review soon]
have you needle felted before?!

this afternoon, my fun sponsor friend katie is here to remind us all [me!!] how to get the most out of your creativity.!

Hello there!  I'm Katie and I blog about sewing, Pyrex and the cool things I find on Pinterest right here.  I'm lucky enough to be guest-posting on Dianapantz today and I'm so excited!  (Did you hear she gets to work on Dianapantz full-time now?!?!   Awesome!!!)  Anywho, I decided to write about how to get the most out of your creativity time because I know we just don't get enough of it.  I definitely don't and that gets frustrating.  So, here are a few tips that I have found to really work when my time is limited.

1.  Be Inspired
Not on Pinterest?  You must be!!!  It is easily the most inspiring place to go (follow me here!)  I love to Re-pin all of the pretty things I see on the site, especially craft and sewing tutorials, recipes and blogging info.  If I'm short on time I can quickly browse through my Pinboards to find something that lights that crafty fire :)  I found the pin below on Diana's board and I'm dying to try it!  I actually went looking for the supplies last week, but came up short.  I will find suitable marbles and end-caps, so keep an eye on my blog for the results!

                                                                                Source: via Katie on Pinterest

2.  Get Organized
Something that really helps me is to stay organized.  It just makes things easier!  I have been slacking on the blogging front lately and I found this awesome blog planner that I think will help me organize and pre-plan my posting.  I went to Staple's and got it laminated and it's good to go!  For me, list-making and calendars are crucial to staying organized and getting things done.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect planner for 2012 - so many fun projects to do, I need to keep track of when to get them done!

                                                                            Source: via Katie on Pinterest

3.  Plan Ahead
When it comes to sewing projects - planning ahead is so important!  I read this tip ages ago - when prepping for a new project, get all your fabrics and interfacing cut ahead of time.  Lay out all the needed notions, thread your sewing machine and/or serger with coordinating thread, read over the pattern and then take it step by step.  Breaking each piece down into smaller steps will help you get a little bit done each day.  Sometimes when faced with starting a new project and I haven't gotten everything prepared ahead of time, makes me feel overwhelmed and I just put it aside, but pre-prep and small steps really do help you get more done in the long run :)

4.  Try Something New
Stretch your creative muscles!  For me, my fave thing in the world is sewing.  But, I've also dabbled in jewelry-making, embroidery and cross-stitch and I'm dying to learn to crochet (this will be the year, I swear it!!)  As much as I love to sew, it's not very portable and it's fun to have a craft to work on while in the car or watching TV at night.  Doing anything creative makes you feel so good!  And trying something new will keep you sharp :)

                                                                              Source: via Katie on Pinterest

5.  Reach Out
I have blogged and read blogs for years before reaching out to other gals that inspire me daily.  I have been loving my sponsorship dealings with Diana - it's kept me motivated to blog and to create fun giveaways and posts that she can share with her readers.  I also highly recommend linking up!  Link parties are so much fun and you can find so many creative people and awesome blogs when you check them out - plus you get to share your awesome creations with a bigger audience.  Tons of blogs sponsor link parties - they are lots of fun!!  Social media is another great way to reach out (I'm on Twitter here - posting infrequently but I'm trying to get better!)  You can find tons of great info like tutorials, products and even discounts by liking someone on facebook or following them on Twitter.  Getting connected with other bloggers will totally motivate you to create, I promise!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my chattering on here :)  Thanks so much to Diana for loaning me a little space today!  :)

what a great post!
this is katies first ever guest post and it is SO good!
great tips that apply to all of us ; no matter if we run shops, blog for fun or just love being crafty.

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