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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

: i totally want to make that : week 22 : inspiration board! :

hi everybody!
happy wednesday ; tomorrow i have such a huge, monster announcement to share.!

but first a winner for the shandila & saraswati jewelry giveaway ; #48 emily! woo hoo.
thanks for entering, everybody.

so todays project is soooo easy and you probably have everything you need already around the house.
[two nails, a yard stick, clothespins and some acrylic paint]
a yard-stick inspiration board!
i found the original diy here ; and modified it a bit.

right now, we are using ours to hang polaroid photos in the living room.
the stick is lime green, with eight hot orange clothespins.

cute, right?!

i think i want to make another one with fun quotes for the craft room!

*please forgive the photos ; they were taken late at night with bad lamps*
[but it looks so rad in real life ;) ]