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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

: i totally want to make that : week 25 : text print

happy wednesday!
i feel like i havent blogged much this week [its cuz i havent ;)]
last night i had a show and both tomorrow and friday, i have shows AND i have 7 custom orders calling my name.

i love it, though! i do. i feel so, so thankful that i get to knit/sew/package/blog in my underwear yoga pants all day!

today i have a super easy tutorial for you.
so easy that there really aren't any instructions ;)
i found this text print diy on elise blaha's blog [LOVE her blog!]

i had some old thrifted tagboard. grabbed some [thrifted] black acrylic paint and some really old [on sale] scrapbook letters. [i am so cheap ; haha]

*get some old letters. spell out your phrase on the blank canvas.
*smear paint ; whatever color. wherever you want it. however much.
*dry? good. peel off the stickers with gentle fingers ;)
*some of your paint smear? [mine did too!]. take a teeny tiny brush with white paint and cover the smudges.

 i really like how it turned out. and its in the middle of the living room so i am reminded each day to work hard and be awesome!!