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Thursday, December 1, 2011

: december goals and november recap :

happy december!

this is my favorite month ; every year ;)
well, its my birthday month. i get to sleep in the most comfy bed in the universe at my parents house. i love christmas lights, hot tea and winter walks with snow on the ground.
its the only time i go to church the whole year and i love singing christmas songs in a candle lit room.

i have big goals this month ; this is month two of being employed full-time by :dianapantz: and i am so, so excited to see where i go from here!

in december, i want to : 
1) volunteer 1x : i want to be a bell-ringer!!!
2) donate % of sales to a cause I care about
3) start and finish 30 days of zumba
4) have all holiday gifts sent out by December 10th
5) make $_____ profit
6) add 10-12 new items to shop
7) make 3-5 _______ [brand new item!]
8) read 4 books
9) make 2012 goals
10) do a ‘day in the life’ post
11) pay for 1 person behind me in line
12) make one crock-pot recipe
13) start two e-courses I got as an early bday present
14) sit on santas lap AND go to the holidazzle parade
15) pay off ENTIRE credit card [no interest until feb and i am SOOO close!]

november goals recap : 

1) start llc paperwork to turn dianapantz into a real business [wheeeeee!] [not done YET!]
2) make $_____ profit this month
3) start and finish the 30 day shred
4) add 15-20 items in the shop
5) contact 3 shops about adding my work to their inventory [have a list of 8 businesses, but haven't sent emails yet]
6) attend 2 meet up groups
7) volunteer 1-2 times [blake and i donated money to 9 different groups this month, and i donated lots and lots of merch to great groups raising money for great causes!]
8) have 295 blog followers [at 272 now!]
9) restart and finish crystelles ipad case [oh my gosh ; this has been on my list for MONTHS]
10) make 6 _________ [ohhh new items!!]
11) learn to crochet with this online class  [this is a 'maybe' ; i dont know how much time i will have this month, but this is a huge goal of mine]
12) send 15 emails to friends i have lost touch with
13) send all gifts to holiday gift swap participants [yes, i am making a teeny, tiny something for each swapper!][if you wanna join the swap, click here]
14) add/follow 15+ minnesota food/lifestyle/vegan bloggers [or follow on twitter]
15) ALL promo postcards sent! [if you have bought something from me in the past 2 months, expect something sweet in your mailbox ;)]
16) read 4 books [i wish] [SO CLOSE! two books DONE & two more half-way!]

nice!!  9/16

what are your goals for the month?
list a few in the comments OR link your monthly goals post!