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Friday, November 4, 2011

: insta-friday week 9 :

happy friday.
did you read my big, huge announcement?!

this week was great ; lots going on!

 didja know that charles shultz was from minneapolis? all around both mpls and st. paul there are fun peanuts statues. one of my goals is to find them all.

 our leaves are still so beautiful!

i took blake on a [really] cheap date to the science museum and knew that he would love it. we saw an incredible imax show about the rainforest ; and had so much fun.
they have this really rad 'identity' exhibit ; tons of really interactive activities.
if you live in the cities or are planning a visit, i always recommend the science museum!

 oh yes i did buy a 2 pound loaf of chocolate babka ;)
and yes i we will eat it every day until its gone ;)

 currently reading! i have never read it before!

blake and i have spent hours working on my new craft show display ; theres a large show happening all day today and all day tomorrow [friday and saturday]. i am really loving the new display and will dedicate a post with my fave craft show tips soon!

like always, i am linking up here!
life rearranged

i hope you have a great weekend.