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Monday, November 21, 2011

: supporting local & handmade makes me happy :

*i am skipping my veg meal post today to show off two new items i have been sportin' around town*

happy monday!
are you staying warm?
its been chilly here with a bit of snow yesterday.

you know i love handmade, right?
i buy local and handmade as much as i can.
blake and i are firm believers in supporting sustainable, responsible companies, especially small businesses.

so last weekend, i had my second craft fair of the season, [it went really well!] i met kathy kasten who runs an alpaca farm, rose crest alpacas, that she started from the ground up. all of the animals respond to their names and they can follow hand signals for communication.

she makes these amazing wool gloves and i just had to buy a pair.
[true story ; the gloves i use now, have a massive hole in the palm and i bought them in 2008!]
arent the cute?
[also, i know that some vegans are against the use of honey, wool, ect and i can respect that][i will say that i use burts bees because i believe in them and their mission. i also use wool in some of my winter wear and think shearing is a natural part of being a sheep/alpaca. and because she runs a small, local farm, i believe in supporting her business]

and look at this fun necklace from my friend shannon.
[want one? check out her etsy shop!]
[fun fact : shannon and i grew up together, lost touch for 15 years and then reconnected last year!]

heres to a great week!