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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

: i totally want to make that : week 26 : scrap holiday ornaments! :

happy wednesday!!
i hope you are having a great week [i have been getting quite a bit done ;)]
did you enter the giveaway i posted yesterday?
three shop credits from three great ladies.
check it out here!

also, are you a heartsy vip?
i am selling vouchers today & tomorrow for 50% off.
its a great deal!! [you can buy 3 pairs of babypantz for $16!]
heres the link!

are you looking for a simple ornament project?
you teach? have kids?
if you have newspaper and patience, this can be fun for them, too.
[this would also make a great pen pal/teacher/neighbor/friend gift!]
i found this tutorial, and then gave it my own spin.

fabric scrap ornaments!
i used clear glass ornaments, a large 'sponge-brush', mod-podge, and a bunch of fabric scraps i had laying around.

it took me about 1 1/2 for three ornaments ; they turned out pretty cute.

we have our tree up [its a white tree with fiber optic lights from the 70's!] and i will share a few pictures this week.

what have you made lately?