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Thursday, December 8, 2011

: a day in the life :

hi everybody!
now that i am working from home ; i feel like i am doing tons of things in a small space.
i keep a to-do list [you do that, too?], but wanted to share what i do during the days.
each day of the week, i work on a different 'block' of my business ; [example : mondays i work on diy projects, thursdays i spend the whole day pre-blogging, ect]

yesterday [the day i took all these photos] was fun because blake didnt have to work, so i even got to take a little afternoon break.

wanna see what i did all day?
here we go :

yes, this is our christmas tree! its white, fiber optic, and we added glittery ornaments and an obnoxious light garland.
i turned the tree on right away this morning.

lots and lots of knitting and wrapping yarn!
see all the corn fiber?!? i love this. have you heard the cool news?
i have started using a more sustainable fiber source ; CORN!! 
check out my first two pieces in the shop here and here.

arent they great?!?!

 i eat TONS and TONS of fruit when i am home all day.

 packaged a bunch of orders [my heartsy deal is still going on here]

 my fave mid-morning snack ; banana, chocolate chips and peanut butter.

 sewin' up a custom order.

we had a mid-afternoon photo shoot.
blake made this piece!! isnt it great?!? his very first cowl.

 and i unplugged and we walked around the lake at sunset. talked about big business ideas and how to afford a house on the lake ;)

 pre-blogged, answered emails, worked on my to-do list and did some etsy listing while eating chocolate chip pancakes, watching law and order while wearing my harry potter snuggie [oh yes i am!!]

i hope you are having a really great week.
do you feel overwhelmed with your to-do list?
[i am learning that by focusing on a handful of things, i can get them done [and usually more!] by going slow, but deliberate]
[living and working with intention is so very effective]