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Friday, December 2, 2011

: insta-friday week 12 :

happy friday!
big plans for the weekend?
blake and i are checking out a few local craft fairs, maybe hitting up a free brew tour and then heading to the holidazzle parade downtown.
[the holidazzle is a december tradition in minneapolis ; tons of floats lit up with holiday lights, hot chocolate, local celebrities and SANTA on the 8th floor at macy's!!]

this week was great ; here is what it looked like ;)

we live in a really great neighborhood and to make it EVEN BETTER, they added a fun little book exchange box. give a book. get a book.

 i sent out some really fun postcards to my last 100 sales, thanking them for such a wonderful year!

 we got 3 inches of snow and ice. and two days later? *55 degrees!

 blake entered his mid-30's with a coffeecake and candles at my parents house this weekend in iowa!

 and we kept celebrating with a whole bunch of birthday cake!! [thanks, mom!]

 i sent out a fun little gift to each of the THIRTY participants in the holiday gift swap. [shhhh!]

 testing christmas lights. knitting. and watching home alone.

 the tree is up. and full of ornaments. [this is my parents house] [blake and i havent put our tree up yet.]

 new fave snack. i think i ate an entire box in three days!

speaking of eating [man, i post a lot of pictures of food ;)] blake and i got to sample some great cheesecake the other night. mine? vegan mexican chocolate! yes.

as always, i am linking up
life rearranged
what was the highlight of your week?