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Friday, December 16, 2011

: insta-friday week 13 : birthday edition :

happy friday, everybody!
are you excited for the weekend?
i have my last craft show of the year on saturday and i am pumped.
i have worked so hard.

so wednesday was my birthday! woo hoo!
i took the whole day off from :dianapantz: and blake stayed home.
these past two birthdays have been super emotional ; i lost my grandpa 1 1/2 years ago, and i seem to miss him a unbelievable amount on my birthday.

anyway, on to the not-sad parts ;)

 i got flowers from my dad!

it was *40 and rainy. on my birthday! in minnesota. never in my life, have i seen rain on my birthday.

we went for vegan donuts at the donut cooperative. sadly, they weren't very good. 

got myself a free pair of underwear at victorias secret. 

 got a new eco-sweatshirt at ragstock. [love this store!]

 we window-shopped at cb2, paper source and moss envy.

 did you know that you get free noodles at noodles & company on your birthday?

you also get a free drink at caribou on your bday ; i 'bought' blake something nice ;)

it was a good day! 
it was pretty mellow ; but i welcome that.
i am so use to working 12-14 hour days at home, so taking a day to wander around and not follow a schedule was great.
blake made avocado donuts when we got home.
and i had a really great talk with my grandma that made my entire day! 

have a great day!
life rearranged