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Sunday, December 18, 2011

: interview with kadie :

happy sunday!
did you have a great weekend?
kadie is here today sharing about her life!

here we go :
Please tell us who you are?
I am Kadie! I run this blog, this shop and live in Alaska, though I grew up mostly in California. I work at a funeral home and I'm looking forward to being a mother!

Whats your favorite way to relax?
A nice hot bath with a good book or music

Where would you love to be in 1/3/5 years?
In five years I would love to have already visited parts of Europe, finish school, and maybe have another baby.

Describe your perfect day?
My perfect day would be spending time with my family having a BBQ and swimming at the lake.

Where is your favorite place to create? Why?
Don't quite have one yet. I would love to have my own room that I never had to clean!

What do you want to learn?
Russian. I've wanted to since high school and have taught myself a bit, but I would really like to be fluent.

Best advice you can give folks that want to start an artsy career/shop/side project?
Be yourself. Make sure you have a goal and stick to it.

It's normal to have pity parties when you think you arent succeeding, but the next day you better try harder and not give up hope.

Lets be honest ; n*sync or the backstreet boys?
n*sync...I was definitely in LOVE with Lance when I was little!


thanks kadie!
*i love reading business/inspiration advice from other folks!*
send her some love!