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Friday, December 9, 2011

: insta-friday week 13 : winter edition :

happy friday!
big plans for the weekend?
[i have a lot of knitting to do ; we have a holiday party and i *really* want to see santa]

this week has been good.
wanna see what i did?
here we go ;)

last weekend, our neighborhood had a fun little winter festival, so we spent a bunch of time window shopping.
look at this beautiful yarn shop ; only a few blocks from our place ;)

 love this! found in this shop.

it snowed a few inches on saturday. [this time last year, we had TONS of snow ; so far its snowed twice, and we have only gotten 4-6 inches *total*][i am not complaining ;)]

i made this cowl for blake as a birthday gift. i love how well it matches his coat [thrift store find = $4!!]. and the snow + his beardo ; he is cute..

 we have millions *well over* a hundred books on the bookshelf/floor that i am dreaming of reading.

 santa got into the cotton balls in the bathroom ;)
[fun fact : my grandpa sawed the wood into santa ; and my grandma painted him!]

 all of our winter/holiday decorations are up around the apartment!

pomegranates have got to be my fave fruit ; they are a bit of a pain to open, but they taste *so* good. [and they are cheap in the winter annnnnd so good for you!]

i hope you have a great weekend.
thanks for reading ; i think you are all really cool ;)

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