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Friday, December 23, 2011

: insta-friday week 15 :

happy friday!
are you good?
i have been in iowa since wednesday spending time with my family.
i have some work to do, but for the most part, i have been hanging with the dogs, watching trashy tv, and getting caught up on a few 'life to-do' stuff.

1) have you entered the giveaway yet?
2) did you participate in the holiday gift swap? the link party is right here. share with us! what did you send/get in the mail?

this is what this week looked like! : 

 we volunteered as bell ringers for the salvation army!

 so far, i have read 2/6 of these ; i neeeed to get back on the 'reading train' [choo choo!]

 we are dogsitting two mini-schnauzers for friends for 12 days over the holidays. they rode to iowa for the first time. they were super nervous when blake went in to pay for gas ;)

 have you read this? reading this for the first time ever. when i lived in europe, i visited her house and was totally inspired, but have yet to read the book.

 oh goodness ; my *fave* holiday treat. chow mien noodles covered in melted chocolate. soooo good!

 i have my january & 2012 goals ready to be tackled. 2012 will be a great year ; i can feel it ;)

we are in week two [day 9] of insanity. it really is intense ; but i am *lovin'* it so far. [i am hoping to post progress pictures on day 15, 30, 45 and 60!]

i hope you have a really beautiful holiday.
hug your families super tight!
life rearranged