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Monday, December 26, 2011

: christmas recap! : what i gave & how to support local :

hey everybody!
did you have a great christmas? [or just a great sunday?!]
ours was pretty great ; my family stays up way later than me ; but it was good ;)

hey! the giveaway ends TONIGHT ; be sure to enter!

you know i love handmade, right?
well, blake and i purchased *every, single gift* either local or handmade.
it was the first year i have ever bought 100% handmade ; pretty cool.

the following are the gifts i gave my family ; 
2) fulton beer [fulton is a local brewery in mpls!]
6) soy tarts [the company is 'live love green' but i cant find the link!]
7) vintage utensil photo [again, the website is no longer working but the company WAS called at last images]
8) velasquez coffee [they are a local family that have family in honduras ; they grow/farm the coffee and is roasted here. i bought bags for blake, my mom and my sister][they offer free local delivery and are really great!]
10) bicycle pillowcase [these are really, really cool!]

fun, right?
tomorrow i will be back to share the great [and practical ;)] gifts i got yesterday.
what was your fave gift that you gave this holiday?