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Thursday, January 26, 2012

: two of my favorite charities : and how to be a good human :


today i wanted to talk about charities.
well, mostly just a little recap of one of my faves.
plus a little snippet of where my money goes every month.

a while back, i wrote this post about the importance of donating.
its still one of my fave posts i have written.
as a small business, i make it a point to donate a percentage of my profits EACH month to a charity that means a lot to me.
this month, i am donating [plus blake and i both match the percentage with our own money] to charity : water.
they provide clean water, wells, drilling equipment and education to folks around the world.
i took this screen shot of their home page ; the numbers are so powerful.
check out their site for more info on how you can help.

in february, i will be donating money to cancer research, in memory of my grandpa. he passed away a year and a half ago from cancer. february is his birthday month and i thought a little extra money might help save someone else's grandpa.

if you run a business, i highly suggest you give a portion of profits to charity.
and if you are a consumer, i beg you to support businesses that donate to charity.
if we all give a little, everybody gains a lot.

one of my monthly goals is to volunteer time with an organization blake and i care about.
we have given time to the salvation army, the biking greenway here in town and the food shelf, ect.

one of my favorite local organizations is feed my staving children. [they are not entirely local. they do mobile-packing events all over the country. but they have a few local kitchens here in the cities.]

its a 2-hour time commitment & you gather with 30-45 folks [people you dont even know!!] and you work together in groups of 4-6.
you work to hand-pack meals that are specifically created for malnourished children.
two people hold small food-pack bags while two other people scoop in dry food.
once its full, it gets weighed, sealed and packed.
another group of folks pack the boxes and they are shipped to over 70 countries around the world ; including haiti, which you know has a special space in my heart.

driving home from a volunteering experience like that, just makes your heart so huge. it fills you with so much inspiration and the feeling that your tiny bit of help is really helping the greater picture.
blake and i dont have a lot of money. we work hard to pay off school loans and save for a house.
we dont really go out to eat & we keep our spending to a minimum.
i feel so lucky to have found a partner that has such a huge heart and doesnt mind spending a tuesday night surrounded by kids in hairnets ;)

do you volunteer? 
why or why not? [i am not judging!]
what are your favorite organizations to support?

have a good day, everybody.
be nice to one another!