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Friday, January 27, 2012

: project 365 : week 4 :

plans this weekend?
did you have a great week?

mine was pretty slow.
sales right now are pretty low and i am feeling cooped up. [and bored!]
i have been looking for a part-time gig, mostly just to talk to other humans throughout the day.

this weekend, there is a super fun [FREE!] event happening in the cities and i am excited to share it with you.

i bought a dslr camera this week!!! it isnt here yet, but i have been wanting one [needing one for my business?] for 2+ years now. i had some money saved up so i purchased one. if you have any resources on tips for new slr owners, send em' my way!

we are now over 2/3 of the way finished with insanity!! we have 23 days left.
[look for my 45 day recap coming this weekend]
i am telling you : this workout is ridiculous. and its so hard. every day. [i love it ;)]

this is what my week looked like :
anybody else read 'extremely loud and incredibly close?' i am really enjoying it so far.

last weekend, we headed outside [15* out!!] to watch the national pond hockey championships. it was fun cold,  but we didnt stay too long]
*for all of you NOT from minnesota ; i am standing on the lake right now ; covered in ice*

two new bags up in the shop! [ps : that sweater i am wearing was my grandpas. one of my very favorite things i own] [also two new scarves in the shop][i LOVE them!]

we walked around the lake and took a bunch of photos with the diana+ camera. see the downtown skyline across the lake?
[i am developing my first roll with the diana+ right now! so excited to see how they turn out]

just reppin' obama. no big deal.

love checking out movies from the library! anybody seen persepolis? i saw it years ago when it first came out. excited to watch it again!

ever wonder what vegans [on a tight budget] buy at the grocery store? i am putting together a fun post to let you know ;)

thanks for reading, everybody!