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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the easiest [and my FAVE] way to meal plan

happy wednesday!!
all week, mother nature has been threatening us with tons and tons of snow.
the result?
a bit of an ice//sleet storm last night. lots and lots of freezing rain, which makes for scary roads.

but it sure is pretty, right?!

dino weather!

so, lets talk food.
in my ideal world, i love planning meals for the entire week. making sure we have the right ingredients and having everything we need.

the real world?
not so much.
we always have tons of fresh & frozen veggies and keep a healthy supply of grains around.
[QUICK TIP : make a list of ALL the fresh fruits and veggies you have & keep it on the fridge. that way, nothing gets lost in the fridge & you dont waste money throwing out rotten food!]

but one of my FAVE secrets // ways to plan meals?!
pick ONE ingredient you have at home. a veggie. a grain. a spice. anything.
and then plan a meal around it.
drives me nuts when i find a recipe, but realize we dont have 7 out of the 10 ingredients you need.

example : we have a full jar of coconut oil that i bought at trader joes. i had never used it before, but knew it was great for healthy fats.

so, i decided to use coconut oil. i headed to pinterest & searched for a recipe.
i found this gem and *POOF* coconut oil roasted sweet potatoes were served as a side for dinner.

dont they look amazing?! they tasted a m a z i n g ; so sweet!
[annnd, these are the very first food photos taken with my new camera!]

tell me : what are your favorite meal planning tricks?!