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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

how to stay healthy while pregnant

i have a fun post for you today!
i know quite a few bloggers//readers//followers are pregnant right now, so my cute [pregnant] friend vanessa is here to share a few tips for staying healthy while pregnant.

I was in the best shape of my life during my first pregnancy. I watched what I ate, worked out regularly and never felt sexier. I gained a total of 29 lbs, which is considered average for a gal my size.


In fact, the day I went into labor (one week late) we were on a 14 mile bike ride.

Now in my second trimester with my second child, I have a ravenous appetite. It's a running joke to walk by my desk at work and say, "Geez, Vanessa. Are you really eating again?" Telling people you're eating for two isn't entirely true. Yes, you need extra vitamins and nutrients, but certainly not an entire second meal.
Plus, gaining a healthy amount of weight also means it's less to lose after baby.

Gaining the right amount of weight is important for your baby's health and your own.
As I get bigger and as the exhaustion catches up with me at the end of each day (it's much stronger now that I'm chasing a 2.5 year old), it's hard to motivate. Below are a few things I've adjusted on my schedule to make sure healthy meals and fitness fit into my routine.

  • I schedule workouts in my calendar during lunch.
  • The picture below is from my half marathon in Napa Valley in October 2011. I was 2 months pregnant. I felt great after the run, but even only two months in, it was noticeably harder to catch my breath and power through. Now that I'm 5 months into my pregnancy, running is less comfortable. I'm scheduling power walks and yoga classes instead.
  • My desk is packed with healthy snacks. Yes, I still have crazy cravings but I don't always give in. I keep tasty, caffeine teas in my drawer, granola, nuts and fresh fruit in the fridge in lieu of candy bars.
  • Take a break from stress. If my day starts to feel hectic I take a break. I walk to the break room and fill my water jug, I step outside for fresh air, or I make a point to disconnect from technology. I firmly believe the baby absorbs all of your energy, even in the womb, and this affects your overall health.
What do you do to stay active?

her blog is one of my faves. shes got crafts, great tips & fun photos!!