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Monday, February 6, 2012

wanna take a night hike? on ice? : minneapolis in the winter!!

happy monday!
did you have a great weekend? [i hope you did]
friday night, my sister [and her little dog, too ;)] came up for an overnight visit, we had a dinner party with one of my favorite friends [yes, i have favorites!], and spent 9 hours outside drinking root beer, eating kettle corn and hiking.

i decided that i am going to pass up my monday recipe to share some photos with you.
[dont be bummed ; these pictures are pretty cool]

on saturday, minneapolis held the city of lakes loppet.

what is it?
it was a 2-day event with TONS of activities.
there was skiing. tubing. snow sculptures. mini-kids loppet [there were 6 year old kids racing on skis!]

LOVE this picture!! do you see the kid coming up the hill?

and dog skiijoring [its when you AND your dog participate in a ski race].

and the world sit-ski championships [the russian sit-ski team was here competing against the american team]. it was pretty amazing.

blake and i signed up for the luminary loppet.
it was a night hike that was lit up by ice lanterns, luminaries, bon fires and the moon.

you hiked in the woods with hundreds of folks.

roasting marshmallows. eating maple cookies.

watching fire dancers. drinking cocoa and beer.

we had such a great time!
during the day, it was beautiful. once the sun went down, it got pretty chilly.
i was wearing [are you ready?] hat, facemask, scarf, fleece, sweatshirt, long sleeve top, long underwear, leggings, jeans, rain pants, two pairs of wool socks, boot warmers and winter boots. and mittens.
haha ; thats a lot of stuff for being outside ALL day, but it was so much fun.
 heres to a great week!!
and, thanks so much for reading my blog.
i really appreciate each and every ONE of you!!