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Friday, February 10, 2012

: insta-friday week 18 :

what are you doing this weekend?
blake & i are dogsitting this weekend. there is also a [free!!] community biking event that we will try to head to for an afternoon.

i am still participating in the feb photo-a-day [read more about that here]
each day in february, there is a 'key word' ; you take a photo of that word, whatever it means to you.

here we go : 

 day 4 : stranger ; this might be one of my fave photos of all time!!! photo of a skier coming up the hill, finishing a race [btw ; the skier is 6 years old]

day 5 : 10AM. woking in bed, under the covers. our heat broke down for 5 days, so it was 58* in here!!

day 6 : dinner : chocolate chip blueberry pancakes. we have them at least once a week!

day 7 : button : short nap + very little sleep = pushing my buttons [i love this photo, tho!]

day 8 : sun

day 9 : front door : we are dogsitting this week ; this is where we are staying. LOVE the high ceilings.

day 10 : self-portrait ; no make-up!

i am linking up here this week!
life rearranged