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Monday, February 27, 2012

: NEW PRODUCTS in the shop :

woo hoo!
so while i have been neglecting blogging [coming back tomorrow ; promise!], i have been working like crazy on some new product.

last year, i made some bow ties that i just wasn't in love with. they took forever. were hard to customize. and we not cost effective.

so, now that my knitting has taken a backseat [although we are suppose to get a FOOT of snow tomorrow!!!], i have been revamping the bow ties and bringin' em back!

they are now clip-ons & in SUPER adorable fabrics.
i added EIGHT to the shop today & there will be 10 more coming [hopefully] later this week.

annnnnd, f o u r  new pairs of :babypantz: are in the shop, too!

fun, right?!

head to the shop to see more!!