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Sunday, February 26, 2012

: SPONSOR CALL : in like a lion, right?! :

hey everybody.
its almost march!
m a r c h [the third month!!]
got your goals ready?!
[me too ;)]

[no 'ask a vegan' post today!]
my mom was here allllll weekend & i never got a post up.
[we had so much fun!!]

so, lets talk about sponsoring!!
i am looking for march sponsors.

why would you want to sponsor my little blog?
well, its not so little anymore.
[ok. its not huge, but my readership has been growing like c r a z y!
[that is pretty cool]

what great things can you expect this month?!
*well, the 'ask a vegan' series is going really, really well. tons of traffic, comments and feedback.
*4 rad 'ask a veg' posts coming up.
*along with 4 brand new vegan recipes.
*there will be a nice, big giveaway with a few prizes [cakepops!?!]
*i won a HUGE giveaway last month [with 12+ prizes] and will be reviewing tons of goodies. [as a sponsor, these posts will bring lots and lots of traffic]
*we will be starting p90x this month, so you can expect more photos of me in underpants ;)
*annnnnd i have been dreaming & planning of writing an e-book for months & months. and *POOF* there j u s t  m i g h t  b e a pre-order happening towards the end of the month.

all in all, march is a great month to advertise here on :dianapantz:
contact blake @ ballenward [at] gmail [dot] com to snag a spot // or go here for more info & pricing