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Thursday, February 2, 2012

what to wear when its -25* outside

hey everybody!
today i wanted to share a silly post with you.

when someone talks about minnesota, what is one of the first things you think of?!
probably the winter, yeah? or maybe the accents? or the mall of america? maybe you think of prince?
anyways, i think a lot of folks associate minnesota with cold, snowy, ridiculous winters.
and they would be right.
this year has been unseasonably warm for the most part and usually by february we would have 50-80 inches of snow [we are maybe at 10 inches total?]

this was last year during a 60 minute walk + 16 inch blizzard

a couple weeks back, we hit one day that SO COLD [read : normal for january!]. when i woke up, it was -13* BELOW ZERO and the wind chill was -33*.
[what is wind chill?!
basically its the 'what it feels like outside' temp. the base temperature + how windy it is = the wind chill ; which is really what makes cold days seem crazy.]

i had a book to return to the library, plus i enjoy winter, so i bundled up for a walk.
and for those of you who have never experienced a minnesota winter, i thought i would show you what we wear to go outside when its 60*+ BELOW freezing temp.

do you see the high for the day was 2*?

step 1) please excuse our messy bedroom and our smudge-y mirror

2) get your base layers : tall smart wool socks + long johns [yes, mine are pink] + moisture wicking long sleeve shirt

3) jeans + fleece

4) just because your face will freeze off is no excuse not to wear sunscreen and lip balm!

5) outer layer : ice fishing boots  + pashmina + super warm hat + flannel coat + recycled sweater mittens

 and now you are ready!

a few other tips : 
*if you put your tongue on a pole, it really will stick.
*if snot//tears run down your face, they will freeze there. i can say with certainty that its happened to all of us.
*and finally, if your hair is wet and you go outside, it will freeze and you will be able to snap your hair is half.

have a good day ;)