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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

: february goals : and a january recap ;

happy february ;)

lets talk about goals, shall we?!
i enjoy february.

*ive never cared much for valentines day, but it makes me think of how terribly lucky i am to have such an amazing partner.
*i have new product coming to the shop [brand new ; something i have NEVER made before!!]
*brand new blog series ; 'ask a vegan'
*participating in two valentines day gift swaps.
*donating 10% of ALL proceeds to a local [nw iowa] cancer center in memory of my grandpa [february was his birthday month & he was treated at the cancer center][this is the second birthday he wont be here & it breaks my little heart][donating a little bit is my way of hoping to save someone else's grandpa]
*some really fun tutorials
*a mini blog makeover
*and my slr will be here and i can waste a million hours taking photos of myself in the mirror ;)

in february i want to : 
1) make $ ______ loan payment
2) make $ ______ profit
3) volunteer with fmsc 1x & volunteer with the greenway for the trail watch program 1-3x
4) finish & post 60 day insanity photos 
5) read 6 more books [that is a lot of books!]
6) make homemade hummus [maybe with beets?]
7) SNOWSHOE [edit : this doesnt count against me if it doesnt happen cuz we DONT HAVE ANY SNOW!]
8) make 1 crock-pot meal
9) add 10 new items to the shop
10) make 4 vegan donuts
11) do this insta-gram picture a day challenge
12) do a 'day in the life' photo shoot with my polaroid camera
13) donate 10% of :dianapantz: profits to the abben cancer center in my grandpas name
14) pay for the person behind me 1x
15) start insanity/p90x hybrid program [this will be ridiculous!]
16) go outside EVERY SINGLE day [since i work from home, if i am not careful, i can easily stay inside for entire days. i LOVE being outside and have to make this more important.

and a january recap : 
1) finish & post month 1 photos of insanity here
2) open a savings bond // cd 
3) read 5 books [read 8 books!!]
4) make $______ profit [close, my goal was really high]
5) pay $_____ on school debt [my goal was $400 ; i paid $720!!!!]
6) volunteer 1x for feed my starving children
7) meet 1-2 blog friends in real life [any takers ;)]
8) make 1 crock pot meal
9) go winter camping
10) donate 5% of all profits to charity : water
11) take 30 days of diana photos [took 15/31]
yikes ; 6/11

what are your goals for the month?
leave a link in the comments. i would love to see.
thanks for reading.