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Sunday, March 4, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 4 : vegan sex! :

today, we are writing about sex.
if you are offended, i ask that you politely leave and come back tomorrow.
there is no need to leave a nasty comment ; i know that writing about sex makes people uncomfortable.
and mom ; come back tomorrow ;)

so, for those of you that are still here :
lets talk about vegan sex.
what does that mean?!

well ; it means i am going to give you a few alternatives to the birth control you may be using now.
there is definitely a [growing] market for vegan 'passion' products & i will give you some info on those as well.

why aren't condoms vegan?!
the big name condom brands use casein ; which is a milk protein.

cruelty free options? :
*vegan essentials is a website FULL of vegan options [think of target, for vegans!]
they have a great selection of veg condoms.
*rfsu has an online store ; along with a really great website. [be sure to change the language to 'english' as soon as you land on the site]
*the sensual vegan also sells a variety of veg condoms

do you enjoy a bit more 'kink' in the bedroom?!
well, the vegan sex shop has a lot of options for you.
great thing about this site : 6% of ALL proceeds go to non-profits. [and you know how much i love supporting charities!] [read more about the charities here]

female birth control
cruelty-free birth control : 
[this means that NO animal products were used for these products]
*depo-provera [the shot]
*ortho-evra [the patch]
*paragard [NON-hormonal iud]

female birth control that DOES contain animal products : 
*oral contraceptions contain lactose [milk derived]
**ALSO, almost EVERY SINGLE form of birth control that contains hormones was tested on animals**
[it is suuuuper hard to find 100% definitive answers about certain birth controls. i suggest you do your own research & also contact a doctor if you are looking at specific forms of birth control]

personal opinion : 
i know that we all have different reasons for using specific birth controls, but i strongly believe [vegan or not] that ingesting unnecessary hormones is not good for your body. [or the eco-system!]
[you ingest hormones. you pee them out. they are now in the water. in the ocean. being consumed by animals. recent studies have shown that ocean animals have BOTH male & female reproductive organs.]

i use paragard & have for quite a while. it is a copper iud and contains NO hormones. the cramps totally suck BUT i strongly believe that non-hormonal birth control is best for my body.

any questions?
feel free to email me questions if you dont want to leave a comment!