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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

: come meet melissa from tea time on the high wire :

hey everybody!
[im going to start typing in this font. sometimes i think my blog is a little hard to read in the other font]

today, i have melissa here to share a bit about herself.
here we go!

1) who are you/where can we find you/what do you do?
My name is Melissa. I'm a small town Canadian girl. You can usually find me practicing yoga, playing my ukulele, eating vegan goodies and engaging in flow arts like poi spinning and hooping. Current obsessions include analogue photography, zombie flicks, YA novels, 70's retro, knitting, and Harry Potter. I live with a computer nerd,  two dogs, 2 cats (currently three with my foster cat), and two birds. 

2) tell us a few of your fave sites/blogs/places to find inspiration?
Aside from obvious choices like Pinterest, I enjoy visiting sites that are interactive.  Web pages that illustrate inspiring technique and performance like Playpoi, but also provide educational videos that teach you the steps to eventually execute the same moves.  I like attending sites that allow me to interact and share with like minded people. I am always trying to find 'flow' in my life, which to me means trying to be creatively active as much as possible.

Here are my faves : 

3) what makes you smile?
Cuddling with my cats, attending large uke jams, listening to my dogs snore, pumpkin spice soy lattes, Eagle Vs Shark (movie), live music (like Beirut or Basia Bulat), spontaneous kitchen dance parties, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, vegan cupcakes, hikes that involve glaciers, and snow days.


4) best advice you can give someone who wants to create a handmade life?
My advice to someone who wants to create a handmade life is to chose something that is both interesting and meaningful to you, whether it be planting your own garden, cooking, knitting your own socks, breast feeding, sewing garments etc...  If you do something that is meaningful and practical for you, I believe it will come across as more authentic and natural,  and your end product will shine.  Also, know your boundaries and chose practices and pick goals that suit your lifestyle.  I recommend that you search for local groups to share your common interests, such as knitting circles.  Inquire at your local college if there are workshops, courses, or groups that reflect your interest.  Check out local businesses, like sewing shops or LYS to see if they have weekly or monthly workshops.  Supporting your local community and independent businesses is very important.  The internet is an excellent tool to seek out classes, like-minded individuals, and tutorials.  Share and promote your interests.  Stay inspired, see what others are doing and how it relates to you.

5) where else can we find you?

knitting, harry potter & vegan cupcakes?!?
yes, please!!

i love her answer to the last question!!
be sure to head over and say hey.
follow her on twitter & make some new connections.

thats why we are all here, right?!

see you tomorrow ;)