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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 36 : wall art!

hey folks!
happy wednesday!

blake has been home this week & we have been tackling a  m a s s i v e  to-do list!
so much spring cleaning going on.

i have a major project to finish soon & once its done, i am rewarding myself with an overnight camping trip & a bunch of garage sales!!!

today, i have a super easy and cute project to share.
i found this tutorial & wanted to try it out.

the difference? i put mine in a small embroidery hoop & she framed hers.
[if you have an old frame & some cute spray paint, this could be super cute]
annnnd, this would make a cute & personal 'new baby' gift ; you could embroider the babes name in the airplane.

i took two of my favorite fabrics and placed them in hoops. all three of these will hang in a small wall space near my sewing machine.

the whole project 'start-to-finish'  m a y b e  took 25 minutes..
[i was totally distracted though .. blake started watching 'the bachelor' online [yes, the season that just ended] and i am SO sucked in. what a ridiculous show!]

annnnnnd, DISCOUNT CODE ALERT ;)  since spring has sprung [YAY!!] ; i just added two new photos in the shop AND 7 [!!] super cute spring // summer infinity scarves.
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[thanks for being so great, everybody]
i really appreciate all of you!