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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

current inspiration : jigsaw puzzles


blake & i have been in a bit of a rut lately. [youve been there, right?!] i have been working so hard on the business. hes been working super hard on some other stuff. and we just havent been connecting.

sooooo, we went thrifting this weekend [more on that later this week] and headed to the games section.
we scored 10 [!!] puzzles for $2.50.
we have been working on the neuschwanstein castle [the cinderella castle in germany]. its been a fun way to take a break, NOT turn on netflix & just use our brains.
who knew puzzles can bring you closer ;)

i found a bunch of other puzzle-related cuties around the internet.

1) oh, you knew i was going to find a puzzle of a bike!

2) old vintage puzzle piece -turned-brooch 

3) anybody know where this is?

4) 100 types of beer!

5) being in a hot air balloon is def on my 'life list'

6) cookie cutters?!?! yes, please!

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