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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 37 : bath scrub

i have been searching and searching for a vegan [and cruelty-free] scrub // lotion for a while now.
and after some internet lurking, i found a simple [& easy!] hand // body scrub.

do you ever use coconut oil?
we bought ours from trader joes [maybe it was $6?] and i LOVE it.
i actually eat a spoonful a day straight from the jar.
ive used it to make these sweet potatoes.
i found this great article for HUNDREDS of ways to use it.
and if you buy my e-book, i have a couple recipes that call for it, too. [see what i did there?!]
and i used this recipe to make this rad scrub. all you need is coconut oil, sugar + a jars with a lid!
[makes a perfect gift for a new mama, your own mama or as a hostess gift!]

and my goodness, it smells nice.
*if you do not like coconut, i suggest you make something else*
also, i used turbinado sugar, which is why mine looks more brown than white.
annnnd, because this sugar isnt as fine // coarse as white, i would suggest a little LESS oil.

happy gifting!