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Friday, March 2, 2012

: insta-friday : week 21 :

happy friday!
we are dog sitting this weekend & we get to pick up our csa box [LOVE those days!]

still doing this february photo challenge.
here is what my week looked like : 

inside your bathroom cabinet : lots of 'green' products.

green : last month, i won a $50 gift card to ruche & have been drooling over which dress to buy. this one?

night : i have been spending most of my nights lately working on all of the new bow ties [true story : there are over 80[!!] ties in the craft room right now!!]

something you ate : so, i discovered that i dont love macarons [and they arent vegan], but they sure do pose nice for a photo ;)

money : this was my last [and one of the ONLY] 'big money' purchases i have ever made.

something youre listening to : when i am working at home, i like to play shows on netflix [right now, its season 4 of the biggest loser] OR listen to itunes.

up : since i am the last one out of bed [during the week], i always make the bed once im up.

life rearranged

see you tomorrow!